Mimayris has long proved itself to be the new face of more than 20 years of experience in the construction sector. It makes an effort to ensure that take the maximum advantage of each project by adding value to the life of all levels of the buildings.

We proceed with the understanding that the biggest profit is not material value, but the happiness on people's faces. Taking the justified pride of this achievement, we aim to continue our progress in the construction sector for years to come, getting bigger and stronger, with the desire to build many more constructions.

We, as Mimayris, also provide services in different fields of the construction sector with the same proficiency and broad experience, and sincerely believe that each new project we complete will contribute to your living spaces.

i. Turn-Key Decoration

Mimayris performs turn-key modification, decoration, restoration and facade applications of all kings and scales of projects such as dwelling, work place, and store in accordance with the interior architecture project prepared by interior architects or provided by the employer.


While expert teams of Mimayris carry out your work with competence, the experienced architects track your work and ensure that the applied work is performed in accordance with its project and standards.

Providing design and application services as well as all the related services, Mimayris is the solution partner that best grasps your dreams in your modification and decoration works.

ii. Turn-Key Construction

Mimayris completes the projects prepared by its experienced engineers and architects or provided by the employer within the determined schedule in accordance with their projects, related standards, regulations as well as scientific and artistic rules under the guidance of its mission and vision.


All kinds of materials to be used in all our works will comply with national and international standards. Furthermore, materials to be used will be submitted to the employer along with their alternatives, and the products to be used will be approved by the employer.

Technical Controllership

Mimayris provides consultancy service to complete all stages of your work, from design to construction, in the fastest, most accurate and desirable way in order to ensure the integrity and beauty of your projects in all scales.


It examines all the components that affect the cost and speed of all levels of the construction. It makes all the necessary interventions to protect your profit on your behalf. Mimayris reports the market analysis of all the materials, equipment and labor that are necessary for your project on your behalf, and makes a suggestion. Therefore you achieve quality optimally.

Mimayris plans all processes of your projects and determines your needs, tracks your stock and ensures that your work proceeds in accordance with the schedule. You can track all these processes, your stock status, market research and your itemized progression of your work as well as your financial data on your screen. Your investment rises with Mimayris guarantee.

Upon a turn-key decoration request, acceptance stage is completed after the necessary examinations made by our architects on the project of the existing work, if there is one, or the location of the work. A budget proposal is submitted to the employer based on the data and requests of the employer. Afterwards, design and project development processes are completed and an approximate cost is determined, which will be subject to the approval by the employer. Upon approval of the employer, the work is proceeded with the application stage, and the work is completed by our expert teams under the controllership of our architects and engineers, and submitted to the approval of the employer.