Having set out for designing and building high-quality and healthy living spaces, Mimayris will always be there for you with its services provided for design and project development stages of urban design, combined use, dwelling, commercial, office, accommodation, education, research, public, culture and industrial buildings in all scales.

Concept Design

Mimayris regards functionality, flexibility and customers' wishes as integral principles of its projects in its designs. Our architects and interior architects, paying regard to the needs of people and nature, always produce designs that can be familiarized within their environments.

Application Project

Mimayris delivers its projects in time and flawlessly by settling on the best and most reliable quality level with its expert solution partners involving experienced electrical, mechanical and civil engineers while actualizing all kinds of architectural designs in accordance with the wishes of its customers.


Mimayris assumes the project management of all architectural and construction projects under the leadership of Sarullah Demirel and, due to its mission, by prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Necessary data regarding the accepted work is received from the employer, or the permit necessary for assessment of such data is requested from the employer. Environmental influences and relationships are assessed using the collected data. According to the assessment, scenarios are built and most convenient spatial relationships are determined through assumptions. Based on these determinations, drafts are created through small-scale plans and masses, taking technical infrastructures into consideration. Following this stage, upon approval of the employer, larger scale two and three dimensional works are prepared and a project assessment is carried out over these works with the participation of the employer. Upon approval of the employer, application projects are drawn, necessary official actions are carried out, and thus the project is completed.