Mimayris designs indoor projects of combined use, dwelling, commercial, office, accommodation, education, research, public, culture and industrial buildings in line with your tastes, interests and needs. In its designs, it conducts the interior architecture work in accordance with your customer or personnel goals or the design criteria of an era, a place or a movement. It designs and visualizes the transformation from the existing state into the new design with all the technical infrastructure.

Upon acceptance of a project, the current state of the space to be designed is drawn for defining the space. Needs are determined, and scope of the project is defined. Most convenient spatial relationships are established by building different scenarios over assumptions, and two and three dimensional drafts are prepared accordingly. Upon assessments carried out with the employer in consideration of these drafts, the work is proceeded with the project designing stage. Mimayris architects provide assistance to the employer to ensure that manufacturing processes are conducted in accordance with the project, and the project design stage is completed.